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David Montague is a Twin Cities based kinetic sculptor, photographer, and visual artist.  He has an aptitude for creativity.  He is a creator of things—some of which he is bold enough to call art.  David creates hanging mobiles – a form of kinetic sculpture – from stone, metal and acrylic materials.  He is an avid photographer and specializes in outdoor photography.  He is also proficient in drawing, woodworking, jewelry making, web design, and residential tech support.  A perpetual interest in how things work, combined with his inventiveness, has given David an extensive and unique skill set which he employs imaginatively.  He has a background in political science and history, and after enthusiastically pursuing art as a hobby for years, he has recently started selling his artwork and other creations.

David has lived in Minnesota his whole life, and currently resides in Brooklyn Park, MN.  Many of his projects have direct ties to Minnesota—his stone mobiles use stones from the shores of Lake Superior and the Mississippi, and many of his photographs feature Minnesota’s great outdoors.  He is an Eagle Scout, loves the outdoors, and loves to travel.  He is Mensa smart, literally.  David is engaged to an amazing woman, who is his best friend and biggest supporter.  He would also like to recognize his parents, Tom and Louise, for their love, support, and encouragement.   

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